Guru Survival Waterproof Emergency Survival Pack

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Guru Survival’s Ultimate Survival Pack for 2019



The Guru Survival Waterproof Emergency Survival Pack is compact so you can take it anywhere. Keep one in your home, in your vehicle, and in your hiking bag. It features all of the necessary tools to help keep you safe in an emergency. Our survival pack is proven to be one of the best tools in the world and makes a great gift.

The Survival Compass will help you find your way to safety when lost in an emergency situation. The high-quality compact design makes finding your way easier than ever. The upgraded design makes it tougher than ever. Works great in any weather situation.

The tactical flashlight with its 3 modes makes it an absolute necessity in the dark. LED lighting keeps battery consumption to a minimum while maximizing usage. The convenient clip keeps it handy in the dark when you need it the most.


The EDC survival bracelet is equipped with an outdoor mini compass, a rope knife, a whistle and a 7-core Paracord with a length of about 3.2 meters, providing security for your outdoor exploration. (1 AA Battery Not Included in the Kit)

The heavy-duty tactical pen is made from tungsten steel for superior strength & portability. It is able to easily break windows and glass, to help you escape in an emergency situation.

The emergency blanket provides convenient easy protection in all cold or warm weather states. You can also combine the blanket with the paracord to make a warm shelter to keep you safe against the elements. Perfect in the rain or snow.

The credit card-sized tool easily fits inside your wallet, pocket, and in the survival kit. It features 11 different functions including a can opener, bottle cap opener, 4-position wrench, 2-position wrench, butterfly screw wrench, directional wrench, screwdriver, knife-edge, saw blade, and ruler. Perfect for keeping in the kit or in your wallet.

Includes a flint striker to easily help you start a fire. Use with some kindling and stay warm in a survival situation. The flint striker makes starting fires a breeze and is one of the key ingredients in our survival kit.

The upgraded survival knife is perfect for any use. Featuring a very sharp edge to help you cut through a variety of different items like food, widdling wood, and cutting through a rope.

The wire saw is strong and used for cutting through wood, plastic, bone, rubber, and soft metal. The upgraded compact design is stronger and tougher than ever and will help you maintain wood for a fire.

The whistle is perfect for assisting a rescue team to help find you faster. The whistle is loud enough to let wildlife know that you are near. Perfect for detracting bears, wolves, and other wildlife.

Our small and compact keyring light is great for helping you see objects closely in the dark.

Compact Durable Waterproof & Shockproof Carrying Case (all the survival tools will be packed in the box). Featuring ABS plastic with a rubber ring around the edge keeping all of your items safe from the elements. The new and improved design of the case keeps water out. The shockproof design makes the pack ideal for keeping in your backpack or pocket.




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Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 6.1 × 3.7 × 2 in

Survival Pack


Outdoor Survival Kit


Outdoor survival camping and hiking

Survival tool 1

Tactical pen

Survival tool 2

Emergency Blanket Foil Thermal

Survival tool 3

Survival Whistle

Survival tool 4

LED Torch light with SOS function

Survival tool 5

Folding knife

Survival tool 6

Multifunctional Paracord wristband

Survival tool 7

Multifunctional credit card knife

Survival tool 8

Wire saw

Survival tool 9

Mini led lights

Survival tool 10


Survival tool 11

Waterproof tactical box

Survival tool 12

Saber Card

Survival tool 13

Flint Striker

Survival outdoor tools

Outdoor Survival Kit

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  1. Alyssa Cambridge

    Love the versatility and usage of this kit. I just bought another one for my son for Christmas.

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